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Apple iMac Repair

From In Home Computer Repair to Opening Doors

The Computer Repair Connection started as a onsite and in home computer repair service specialized in small businesses. In order to lower repair prices we decided to open a location with low overhead which we could pass on as savings to our customers. After several years and hundreds of customers opening their doors to us, we have opened our own doors to our customers. We are now happy to invite previous, current, and new customers to our shop. We are here to help and enjoy making our customer's happy and meeting their expectation of a fully functional computer at all times. Computer repair is what we offer, do, and love. 

- Juan Morales (Founder)

"Repairing a computer is more than just fixing something that in this day and age is made out to be disposable. It's what could be your small contribution to Earth. Yes, there are new computers that are so cheaply made that it makes your repair seem expensive, when it's really not. Expensive is what it will take to fix our planet once it is obvious that we can no longer keep allowing these electronics to go to landfills and fill our air with pollutants to keep up with the demand of people yearning for the latest and greatest with no real need. Please repair when possible. Together we can slow down the destruction of our planet."

-The Computer Repair Connection

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