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Laptop Computer Liquid Damage Repair

Liquid damage repairs are handled in a special manner as the system needs to be completely cleaned and dried before any actual testing can be performed. Our liquid damage cleaning service is $199. The service includes a full tear-down of your computer and cleaning of each individual component affected by the liquid spill. Once cleaned the components are allowed to dry and set for reassembly. Once reassembled we begin testing of functionality and full diagnostics are performed. If issue is not resolved, you will be quoted for the parts that need to be replaced at which time you can approve or decline further repair. The liquid damage cleaning fee is due regardless of decision to move forward with part replacement, but no further labor fee is accrued for installation of parts. 

MacBook Coffee

What to do?

If you have spilled liquid onto your computer, it is important to take immediate action. Do not attempt to power on the computer. If it is still on, turn it off immediately. If your computer is plugged in, disconnect the power cord from the device. Avoid plugging in the charger until the device has been professionally cleaned.
At our The Computer Repair Connection, we offer liquid damage cleaning services to help repair your device. Request the service upon drop off and our technicians will clean all components before attempting any diagnostics to avoid further damage and unnecessary part replacement.

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