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Same Day Computer Repair Service

   The Computer Repair Connection offers same day computer repair service in Austin Texas. When using same day computer repair service, your computer repair is prioritized and moved to the front of the diagnostics and repair cue. The same day service is much faster than our normal, already fast computer repair process which normally takes 1-2 business days for diagnostics in addition to the repair time which can be another day or two for completion (not including shipping time for parts if needed). Same day service takes priority over any current diagnostics, repairs, and part installations for the day. 


   Once a computer is brought in for same day computer repair service, we will immediately start working on diagnostics and a quote will be provided to you within a few hours. When timely possible and after customer approval, repairs will be completed the same day. This means if parts are available or no parts are needed, your repair will be completed before end of day. We occasionally stay after hours for these same day service repairs. If your computer needs parts we may offer alternative methods to get you back to work while your part arrives.


   The same day service is tailored for working professionals and students who are in a time crunch and having their computer is the difference between pass or fail, and profit or loss. The additional cost of same day service is $149. We recommend bringing your repair in as early as possible to ensure the technician enough time to make the necessary repairs. Take advantage of our same day computer repair service when you don't have time to spare, but don't want to compromise the quality of your computer repair. 

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