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Computer Repair Near Me

     Our specialty is laptop repair but we offer desktop and gaming PC repairs and builds as well. Our normal diagnostics are completed within 1 to 2 business days, but when you need your computer back sooner, just ask for same day computer repair service when dropping off. When searching computer repair near me, we may not be the nearest, but we guarantee we are worth the trip. We are one of the very few laptop repair shops in Austin Texas that offer same day computer repair. When our normal 1 to 2 day diagnostic process is not fast enough, take advantage of our same day computer repair service for an additional charge when time is of most importance.


     Once diagnostics are completed, you'll receive a call with the results of your diagnostics, a quote, and ETA for your repair. After you receive your quote, you are given the opportunity to approve or decline the repair. We have a huge stock of parts and in combination with a highly experienced technicians, we can promise the quickest turnaround time in town.


     If same day computer repair is needed, please be sure to specify upon check in. Our parts come with a 90 day warranty, so you can be sure you will receive good quality parts at the best price. When possible we offer our customers the ability to pickup their computer to continue their work while parts arrive for installation to help reduce downtime. We're conveniently located off the Ben White frontage road in south Austin Texas.


Make use of same day computer repair service. We offer curbside drop off for customers who have completed our Speedy Check-In. Complete our Speedy Check-In form prior to arriving to speed up your check in to take advantage of our curbside drop off service, which in combination with our same day computer repair service is as quick as it gets. Complete the check in form and give us a call once you arrive and we'll bring your computer in for you.

Cooling System Service

Approximately 50% of computers that fail prematurely, fail due to overheating. Cooling systems can become clogged due to dust and debris, restricting air flow and causing fan failure. There is thermal paste that sits between the computer's cooling system and the CPU and GPU. With time the thermal paste dries out, losing it's thermogenic properties and causes overheating.


Our Cooling System Service is an essential service for maintaining and improving the performance of your computer. The cooling system service includes thorough cleaning of your computer's fans and cooling system as well as reapplication of thermal paste.


The value of this service is between $99 and $149, but is available for only $49 when added to other repairs. The cooling system service not only improves your computer's performance, but also helps to extend the life of your computer.

Ask about this great add on when approving your repair. 

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