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Custom Gaming PC Build and Repair

          The Computer Repair Connection offers professional custom gaming PC build and repair services. When you want the best custom built gaming PC for your budget, let Computer Repair Connection handle the complex part of custom PC gaming, so you can get to the fun gaming part without issues. There are many components that go into a custom gaming PC build including: case, motherboard, video card, memory, processor, power supply, cooling system, fans, lighting, and PCI peripherals. With all these variables along with their cost and quality, it practically impossible to give an honest cost breakdown without taking time to correlate the build components with a customer's budget. When you request a custom gaming PC build quote we will take in consideration your budget and put together the best parts and quality to fit that budget. Since it takes time for the research of parts and their availability, a non refundable build quote fee of $49 would be due upfront which would go towards the build once approved. We also offer custom gaming PC repair and rebuild services.


When a customer attempts to build their own gaming PC it often doesn't boot, shows no video, doesn't power on, or boots to bluescreens. The majority of the time it is simply build error but customer's repeated "fix" attempts can lead to damage. When you have issues with your gaming build we highly recommend stopping at that time and bringing it in immediately to avoid further issues and damage. We will recommend a rebuild to remove any possible issues with the build process. Once the rebuild is completed we will run diagnostics and if any parts are bad, we hand you back the defective component to return under warranty. Once you bring back the replacement part we complete the build so you can get to gaming. 

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